DVD Release and Award Nomination!

January 13th, 2014


We are pleased to announce that REPORTERO is now available on DVD through PBS Home Video.

Beginning January 28th, the film streams online for one month on pov.org

And we are very pleased to announce that REPORTERO has been nominated for “Best U.S. Latino Film” by Cinema Tropical alongside some great fiction and documentary nominees. The film recently screened in Mexico CityVienna and Mumbai.

The film “paints an unfiltered portrait of the state of journalism on the Mexican side of the U.S.-­‐ Mexico border…celebrat[ing] the lives of those working so hard to secure their freedom of the press.”

Documentary Magazine 

“Astounding . . . . Reportero held audiences spellbound as it explored the importance in continuing the fight to report the truth, no matter the cost. . . . A smart and cohesive wakeup call for the world of the importance of freedom of speech in the news-­‐gathering business.”

—Lori Huck, Yahoo! News

“[A] Potent documentary…making one squirm in wonder. ‘In the same circumstances what would I do” Could I be a tenth this brave?” This important film…shouldn’t be missed.”

—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times